Virtual Convergence 2020

Virtual Convergence 2020

Hi All

By the grace of God we’re still being able to hold our services albeit virtually.

We will hold a Virtual Convergence Service tomorrow, Sunday 5 April. Most TLG Churches in the UK and Paris + Nijmegen will be joining in. So we anticipate to have a full capacity of 100 Zoom-account participation (one per family/house).

Here are pertinent details that I’d like to draw your attentions to, please:

  1. Prayerfully prepare for the event as though you’d be going to the actual service ie dress up, find a suitable location for your laptop/tablet/mobile phone camera and seating area (switch on your camera please as it would be good to see you all).
  2. Prepare for Holy Communion (bread crackers and red juice) as we will commemorate the Lord’s death (and resurrection). Ptra Gen will officiate this.
  3. While the live streaming service will start from 3:30pm, we will start sending the zoom invites from about 2:50pm to allow for a settling down period. So please log in to zoom before 3pm.
  4. Once linked, you will be held in a virtual room. Everyone will be ‘muted’ at first and only those who are assigned to or would like to speak will be ‘unmuted’ from 3pm onwards eg testimony, opening/closing prayer, exhortation, etc.
  5. While in the virtual room, I ask families/individuals to pray together from 3:10pm to 3:25pm, especially for the service. Please don’t switch off your camera while praying but set your alarm for 3:25pm so you will know when to stop praying. It will be beautiful to see everyone praying.

God bless you all always


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